Saturday, November 26, 2011

Letters to Baby P- Excitement!!!

Dear (my sweet) Baby P,

OH how I love you! I get so excited every time your mommy sends me a picture of how you are growing in her little belly. I walk past rows and rows of baby clothes and toys and blankets every day, waiting to know what to buy for you! I wonder what you'll be, who you'll be, and when you'll be here to see us.
Right now your about 5 months; a little more than half-baked, halfway here! And we are anxiously awaiting the news of whether you are going to be my sweet and gentle girl like your mother or a strong and kind little boy like your daddy.
With Christmas right around the corner, you seem even more miraculous. Because the world learned to hope through a baby. Sweet Baby P,  I keep praying for you, for the future you'll have. My mother always reminded me as a child that the prayers of a righteous mother avails much. And I know that God is hearing the prayers from your Mom and Dad, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, and the extended family like me who love you just as much as those who have a genetic bond. I can't wait to see your personality grow. I can't wait to hear the dreams God gives your heart. I can't wait until next year when you have a holiday of firsts. To see the spirit of wonder and excitement in your eyes as you learn new things.
I get the feeling that you will be the best of both your parents. That you'll have that sweet and gentle nature of your mama but you will be a little more outgoing like your papa. That you will love serving others. That you'll have a heart for worship. That you'll have her love for dancing and that nervous little giggle like she does. I have a feeling unlike your mama you'll thrive on adventure on new things. I think you are already rubbing that off on your Mommy.
You're mom has this way of bringing out the best in everyone she meets, and that's why I know you will be amazing. I don't think I've ever spent a day in my life truly angry or upset with her. But I've spent a thousand or more thankful for her. I hope that one day you'll see all this in her. That you will take it as a compliment that you look and act so much like her. That one day if, heaven forbid, you should need me to, I will remind you of everything that is good and amazing about her.
Because you will be evidence of the best of her.

But until that day we'll be waiting, with open arms!!!
Aunt Tricia

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