Monday, July 1, 2013

Ready... Set...

So the blog is going to look a little different over the next month during challenge month. Not exactly sure what that entails... I am going to attempt to do a daily post depending on my schedule it may turn in to a weekly post. There are so many little challenges I am doing, I don't want to miss any of the details that get lost in the mess of it all.
So to start...
The first day was more of a prep day than an actual launch of the challenge. I did start the Ab Challenge today. Whew. It looks so simple on paper, but working muscles you haven't used in a while is harder than you think.
To recap I am doing the following challenges:

30 Day Open Letter Challenge

I didn’t make this challenge. I just had it saved on my computer.
The Whole30® Daily

I probably won't share the letters everyday unless I feel like they have some importance behind them, but I will try and share a little something about everything else... Wish me luck!

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