Thursday, July 4, 2013


It seems like the days I have off from work are easier to do challenges then others.
So today's letter is difficult because for years whenever asked who my best friend was I had an easy answer. And then about a year ago that all changed. So the question became who do I write the letter to? I have a stellar group of close friends whom I love dearly, and I couldn't have made it through the past year with out them.
Today was the perfect day for today's photo challenge because it was cloudy all day long so I got some great shots of the cloudy weather.

The song that makes me happy right now is going to be my summer theme song!

"Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line
My happiest dream was the one I had that predicted my goddaughter's birth! It had been denied on several counts and then a few months later the truth was revealed that indeed this precious little girl was on her way to earth!
Whole30 was not my finest today. I wasn't hungry at all today and ate purely out of necessity. So pre-run snack was a handful of almonds. Post run a frozen banana (my new favorite)! Lunch was a salad with spinach, carrots, boiled egg, and diced turkey breast from a salad bar. And dinner was zucchini wrapped salmon, sweet potato fries and zucchini; which both ironically weren't fried but baked. The salmon was a rather frustrating experiment but it turned out okay. And I took a pre-made marinade and made it from scratch so that I knew exactly what was going into it and it didn't have any corn syrup in it!
This facial expression came to you straight from my theater days as I made myself cry on the spot to give you my sad face.
My back is still out, but I am still pushing through. It's not getting any worse, but it's not getting any better either. I had a rest day from the ab challenge which meant it was the perfect day for my second c25k run. However there were many factors that made it a not so perfect run! It rained before my run, so it was humid by the river. I didn't have time to eat before it rained again so I was running on the aforementioned handful of almonds. And I dressed for it to be chilly because of the rain but it wasn't. It was literally steaming. And I had long compression pants, a sports bra, sweat resistant tank, and a sweatshirt! Not to mention the sports socks and baseball cap. I was boiling. I lost the sweat shirt at the start of the first lap. And ended up with thirty second run two minute walk intervals, because I just couldn't get my body moving and make it through thirty minutes. Oh well, lesson learned!
Post run exhaustion!
Oh I forgot to mention I broke an unofficial rule and weighed myself :-/. I'm down four and a half pounds already and I am super pumped and motivated to keep going!

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