Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I didn't realize how much I was signing up for when I decided to do all these challenges. It's kind of hard to keep up with...
So the letter challenge was the one that really caught me by surprise. I am really not sure if I will ever get married so when the first letter was to your significant other I was at a loss. So I wrote a letter to my future about what this month was all about to me. Maybe one day there will be a Mister and he will read it too.
For the photo challenge I don't really like to post pictures of peoples faces because I never really know who's out there watching. Which is also why I have never mentioned what I do or where I live... So I don't know where I am going with this one? Maybe, maybe not, maybe, maybe not?
This picture was totally taken a month ago!
 I am honestly trying to take a picture every day, one on the phone and/or the camera. But I didn't want to be limited by the challenge...
The song challenge... How do you CHOOSE a favorite song??? But this is one I've loved forever that I couldn't fit into another category...

At one point I vowed I would walk down the aisle to this.

About these dreams... I haven't had a whole lot of them lately but the most recent one I can remember was a very depressing one in which I was arguing and yelling at family members because they were fighting over my mom's things.
The first day of Whole30 was interesting. I could definitely feel some differences in my body. Felt like I had a stone in my stomach since I was eating wholesome solid food. For breakfast I had an omelet with spinach and garlic topped with hot sauce (I think it's Whole approved? Maybe not?) and lunch was lemon grilled chicken with steamed carrots and broccoli. By this point the rock in my stomach had started to form so I didn't have much of an appetite so dinner was just a handful of raspberries.
Faces, faces, faces... they are all so very different and yet the same...

This is supposed to be a Regular Face?

And for the fitness portion of my challenge I completed my first day of the couch-to-five-k program. I started off by going full force on the running portion and realized about halfway through, if I wanted to finish I needed to leave some in reserve. I finished it and did about two and a quarter miles run/walk. Not to mention the other two miles I did walking while pushing a baby stroller (whiny baby!!!). I pulled out my back while babysitting so the ab workout was not the most fun thing, but I finished it anyway! In case you didn't see the calendar I did fifteen sit-ups, eight crunches, eight leg raises, AND a  twelve second plank!
So that is the summary of my first day of the challenge...

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