Friday, July 12, 2013


Okay so truth is... I am a slacker!!!! I am several days behind on my posts here. And I thought I would spend today playing catch up for the past few days. But that is too much stress on my already fragile brain!
I really haven't been driven to do the challenges right now except for the Whole30, the thirty day ab challenge, and C25k.
I have really hit my stride (no pun intended) with these three. In the past few days I have created some really healthy, filling, and delicious tasting food. I've really tried to make my meals according to the guide provided on the whole website. Palm size of protein, rest of the plate veggies, one to two thumb size of oils, closed hand-full of nuts, closed fist of fruit. For a more thorough explanation check out the Whole30 Meal Planning Template.
I was apprehensive about the running program. I have tried running before, and wasn't able to make it through because I had couldn't figure out how to match my breathing and my pace. The program allows you to do intervals and find your stride. I realized that my problem in the past has been that I pushed so hard right out of the gate and quickly found myself worn out. But I have done a ton of reading on running lately and have really learned a lot! If only I could get rid of these darn shin splints!
The ab challenge just got REALLY hard yesterday. But the fact is I am seeing results and that's what is important to me. In the past ten days I have lost approximately nine pounds! Almost halfway to my first goal!!! I really am excited to get to my healthy weight again.
Doing so well physically has definitely exposed more of my weaknesses in other areas, but it's made me come clean to myself. And that's what this month was really about. Being healthy and happy again. I am still taking pictures when something catches my breath, I am still listening to music,  studying my facial expressions, and writing letters in my heart.
I want to know myself again. I want to push myself and TRY! And that's what I am doing, I'm trying to learn to spread my wings and fly again. This doesn't mean that I am not going to attempt to continue these challenges but I don't want to force myself to do something if it's not going to help me grow...

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