Wednesday, July 3, 2013


And the daily round up for day two...
The letter prompt for today was writing to your childhood self. Which to me is pure irony because I don't know that I ever learned to be a child. I stopped at a very young age. But the main thing I told my then self is  "Don't let other peoples' words influence who you are", even if they might hurt and of course the motto you've all heard it a thousand times "Healthy is the NEW skinny". I wish I had held on to those simple truths from childhood into adulthood.
The photo challenge was a picture of what I wore today. And since it is independence week I rocked the classic Red, White, and Blue.
Red ruffled button up, white cami, blue skinny jeans and some ivory flats. I also had on a white cardigan and blue sunglasses.

Song challenge was an easy pick because right now I have heard this annoying song EVERYWHERE! And I know some people love it but I just can't stand it, or him for that matter! Don't tell me it's you!
Least favorite song pick goes to:

"Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke I can't believe I am even putting this song on my blog... ew!
Scariest dream I've had recently was the one in which my mom was in cardiac arrest and I was panicking. I couldn't get her on the floor. Didn't know if I should call 911 first, or unlock my door and get my neighbor to help me get her off the bed so I could start CPR. So I just kept running back and forth half way to where I was trying to go! I woke up in tears!
Whole30 got a touch harder yesterday, trying to figure out what to eat. So breakfast was poached eggs with salsa on top. I snacked on some raw almonds. For lunch my friend ran to the grocery store so I asked her to pick me up one of their strawberry, blueberry, chicken salads. I knew it had cheese on it but it was shavings so I easily picked it off. I asked her to pick me up one of the packets of Caesar dressing too. Only to find out that the dressing had dairy in it also! So I ate my salad with no dressing and just made sure I had a bit of fruit in every bite. Dinner I had a salad with gyro meat on top, again with no dressing. And for dessert, I had a frozen banana! It was heavenly! I would like to also add a little disclaimer that I can not say with one hundred percent certainty that everything I am eating is approved by the plan. I am just going by my understanding of it and what works for me.
Face numero dos:The happy face. It is so awkward trying to take a picture of your own happy face!
Day three for the ab challenge was again hard due to my back but I managed to get through it before I slipped off to work. Twenty-five situps, ten crunches, ten leg raises, and a fifteen second plank(the only part I managed to get through with out any pain.
And so ends day two...

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