Friday, March 30, 2012

Dear Baby S.P. ~ Welcome to the World!

Dear Sweet P,

Or should I say Samantha Anne Pickering. Because now I know your name. And I know that you being here brings me hope for the world. You are new, you soul blemish free, as perfect as any human being can get. Our hope has always been brought my things being made new!
For over twenty-four hours I have been waiting, waiting for you to arrive. Although in reality it's been months. Today is a day I'll never forget! Today my little world changed all over again. Because you let one single cry out.
Your mom is amazing, and your dad has a kind heart. And all I can see is that you will be the best of both of them.
I haven't been this excited to welcome someone to the world in years, since my sweet nephew was born. But you, you are something different. Therefore it makes this feeling unique. Because you are the daughter of my best friend.
It will still be a while until I can hold you and tell you all these things in person! But until then...

We are no longer waiting,

But I'm here...
With open arms!!!!!

Aunt Tricia loves you!

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